How to fix Yahoo password recovery not working

Yahoo is one of the best and most popular email service providers all over the world. This is an American based company. It is the platforms to send and receive mail from one person to another with the same mail setup or you can say that it is the medium of communication with the message. More than millions of users are using Yahoo account. The user of the Yahoo account is increasing day by day with increasing in digitalization. There are no people who have not to hear the name of Yahoo, every people know about Yahoo how it is doing work on a computer or laptop. Yahoo account is very safe for all your credential documents to store.  Users can store their documents as well as images, videos on these platforms.

How to fix Yahoo password recovery?

Password is not working or password recovery is the very most common problem these days. Several people forget their Yahoo account password or you can say that lakhs of account available over the internet and so many people are using more than one Yahoo account or other email accounts so it is no easy to remember all the accounts and passwords. In this case, people are unable to use the account and they need to recover. There are several techniques are available to recover the Yahoo account, depending upon which techniques you are applying to recover. Most of the peoples prefer the contact number because it is a very simple and easy technique to recover Yahoo password. Sometimes people do not know about the Yahoo password recovery procedure therefore if you are also do not know then you do not need to go anywhere to search the best steps because the best and easy steps are given below you just adopt and get your account recovered:

Step by step procedures are given below to recover Yahoo account password

  1. First of all, you should visit the official Yahoo account sign in section to recover your password.
  2. After that, the ‘Need help’ option will appear you should click on it. In this way, you will directly get the password recovery page.
  3. When you have reached the password recovery option then click on the ‘I do not remember password’ option.
  4. Then they will ask to enter a valid Yahoo email id which you used at the time when you creating your Yahoo account.
  5. If you have entered your email id, then select the option of password recovery. Three options of password recovery will appear like phone number, alternate email, or security questions.
  6. You should choose the option from the following then follow on-screen instructions.
  7. If you chose the option of alternate email then you will have to receive the verification code on your mailbox which you have provided. You need to check the code then enter the same code in the specified field.
  8. When you have entered the code and submit. The password creation page will open.
  9. On the password creation page, you will see two password fields on the screen. In the first field, you need to create the new password and in the next field, you should type the same password, and then click on the option of change password.
  10. In this way, your password has been recovered successfully.
  11. You can log in to your account with the new password. Once you should be sure that your password is working properly or not.
  12. After all, you need to logout and login again to use your Yahoo account smoothly.

How to Contact Yahoo Customer Services?

If the above steps of Yahoo account recovery not working then you should contact with support. There are a number of techniques support engineers are sitting around you to help. By seeing the increasing demand for live support the company provides the contact number to all users. All the contact number is different for all particular countries. Therefore you should check to sure that the number which you are dialing is valid for your country. If you dial any other country’s number then they will inform you that your number does not exist please check the number and try again. When you call on that number support will pick you to call within a short time you just share your queries or problem which you have faced at the time of using Yahoo account. They always try to make you satisfied without your satisfaction they will never put your call. Yahoo support teams are highly educated and have immense years of experience. The contact number is available everywhere, you can get the contact number from Yahoo official website or you can get from any search engine. You have another way to get support with customer care through email. You need to drop just an email regarding your problem and wait a few minutes to get an answer or solution to your problem. One more way people can get end to end support from support through live chat. Bust sometimes chatting is inconvenient so the contact number is the best way to get instant support with them.