How to Reset Yahoo Password Without Recovery Email

All the Yahoo user has own personal access of email as well as mobile number. Your password should be changed from time to time so that you will never be hacked by hackers and your account will remain secure. If you want to change or reset your password then you can do it very easily. The Yahoo password reset steps are very easy which is provided by Yahoo itself. So every user can change or rest there password without any trouble. Many people do not know how to reset Yahoo email password in these situations they no need to get worried about it because every excellent step is given below you just have a look.

Best instructions are given below to rest Yahoo password without recovery email

  1. First of all, you visit the Yahoo login page.
  2. Then enter your username or phone number and password to log in.
  3. When you get logged in you will see your name on the right side, when you click on your name, then account information screen will open.
  4. Then scroll down and click on the account security option. Click on that option which is shown on the left side of the screen.
  5. In the section of ‘How to sign in’, you can see the option of change or reset the password which is shown on the right side of the screen.
  6. You will see three fields of change password in your screen i.e. current password, new password, and re-enter the password. You should type the correct password on the first filed, create a new password on the second field, and on the last field, you should re-enter the new password, and then click on the set password button to complete your process.
  7. Before creating the new password you should make sure that your password must be strong between 8 to 16 characters in the alphanumeric form with included anyone unique symbol like @, #, $, %, ^, &, etc. Then click on continue.
  8. Now your Yahoo account password has been reset.
  9. Once you should log out and log in again to confirm that your password has changed or not or you are able to login with your new password or not.

How to Recover Yahoo account password without an alternative email?

Yahoo account password recovery is one of the common problems in this generation. Several people forget the password of their Yahoo account. There are many reasons behind Yahoo password recovery is that more than millions of accounts available over the internet and numbers of people are using two or more than two Yahoo account or another account of email therefore it is a little tough to remember the password of all the accounts. There are so many support teams are available to recover the Yahoo account. In other words, Yahoo Company provides so many facilities to their all users to recover password but it depends on which technique use want to apply. Most of the people prefer phone number and want to recover their account through the phone number. You can recover your Yahoo account through an alternative email but if you are not able to use your Yahoo email due to forgotten password and you have no alternate email then this option is not applicable for you, therefore you should choose one of the above following options. If you want to recover your password but do not know the process of Yahoo account password recovery then know need to get worried because the best steps are given below to recover Yahoo account password.

Step by step instructions are given below to recover Yahoo account password without alternative email

  1. First, you go to the official account sign-in page through a web browser to recover your Yahoo password.
  2. Then you must click on the ‘Need help’ option. In this way, you will directly reach the password recovery page.
  3. When you get on the password recovery page, you will see an option ‘I do not remember password’ click on that option.
  4. Now they will ask to enter your valid Yahoo email id which you used at the time of creating your Yahoo account.
  5. If you have entered your email id, then you should choose the password recovery option. There are three methods of password recovery i.e. User can recover their account password through phone number, alternative email, or security questions.
  6. If you want to recover your Yahoo account password without an alternative email then you need to choose any other option from the following options.
  7. Suppose that if you choose the option of the phone number to recover your Yahoo password then you will receive the verification code on your phone via call or text which you have provided. You need to check the code then enter the same code in the specified field.
  8. The password creation page will open when you have entered the code and clicked on submit.
  9. On that password creation page, the two password fields will show. The field is to create the new password and the second field is re-enter password or type the same password, then click on the option of change password which is shown below.
  10. By adopting all the above steps carefully your password has been recovered.
  11. Now you can log in to your Yahoo account with the new password.
  12. Once you need to log out and then login again to check your password has been recovered successfully or working properly or not.

How to get end to end support from customer care by dial the phone number?

All the instructions are given clearly. But unfortunately, if the above instructions are not working properly or not helpful for you then no need to get worried because you have another option to get instant help from customer care through contact number. It is not mandatory that all the people are educated to get all things themselves, therefore numbers of customer support executives are sitting around you to help. By seeing the increasing demand for live support Yahoo company provides the facility of contact numbers to get instant support with customer care. When you call on the support contact number they will receive your call within a short time you just share your problem they definitely give the best instructions. They always try to make you satisfied without your satisfaction they will not put your call. All the supports are highly educated and have immense years of experience in this field. The contact number is available everywhere and you can get services 24 by 7 all the time round the clock.