How to reset Suddenlink router Password?

It is American telecommunication which is a subsidiary of Altice USA who provides major services in cable television, broad phone, high-speed internet, home security, advertising, and so forth. Its headquarter is at St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

Password help us to keep us protected and one should change the password from time to time and it can be done taking the steps as

  1. Go on the official webpage and click on Log in
  2. You will be required to enter the details as user- name and password
  3. Hit on the icon as the gear on Settings
  4. Among the listed options click on Password and Security tab
  5. Click on the options change password
  6. You will be required to do the verification
  7. Now all you need to do is enter the new password and re-enter the same for the conformation
  8. Do save the changes

How do I change the Suddenlink Wi-Fi  password and username?

Yes there is no denial about the fact that from the security point of view we should keep changing the passwords from time to time

  1. You will be required to open the admin panel by opening the web browser and then enter
  2. Please enter the details as admin name and the password
  3. Now click on the wireless section and one will be able to see the settings page of Wireless
  4. Please right-click on SSID box and do select Inspect
  5. Under the option of Passphrase enter the new password for Wi-Fi so that the password can change
  6. In order to save the changes please click on Save changes option

In case while taking the actions in order to change the username and the password one can also seek help from the technician.

How to fix Suddenlink Internet not working?

In the present time, if the internet stops working it seems that life comes to a stop and one can try to carry out the simple step as below to overcome the same

  • In order to reset do unplug the power cord of the modem as well the power cord of router and after some time to plug back in
  • It will enable to overcome some common concern as internet speed, connectivity and so forth

It will enable the user to use the Suddenlink, if the concern is still there then you can check and look if there is downtime from Suddenlink or you can look for the help from the technician