How to Reset Linksys Router Password?

Linksys – it is an American company who sells networking hardware products which are mainly used at home and by small business. Their products consist of wired and wireless routers, Ethernet Switches, VOIP equipment, wireless internet video cameras as well as audio-visual products, and network storage system. They have their headquarters located in Irvine, California U.S.

Resetting the Linksys Router 

  • Most of the Linksys router does not consist of off and on switch however turn on automatically once plugged in
  • Now you will be required to reset the router wait by pressing and holding the reset button by 10 seconds, you will be able to see the reset button at the back of the router however it he router button may differ according to the model
  • Please turn off the router and turn it on by unplugging it for 30secons and plug it back
  • Now please wait till the power light stops blinking and if the same does not stop blinking please turn off the router again for 30 secs
  • Connect the router to the device through Ethernet cable and one will get to know when Ethernet port light will light up
  • Connecting the router to the device and to do so turn off the device and then plug the router to the modem and then turn it on

Logging in with the help of Linksys Router

You will be required to go on the web browser

  • In the browser address bar enter
  • Now in the given field as User name enter admin and as well in the password enter admin and then click on ok
  • Now the page will open look for the option of a User name and Password field and I case you do not find the option click on the Setup tab and then click the basic tab and now enter the new details as username and password
  • Now click on MAC Address Clone tab through this unique id cable internet service provider recognizes your modem
  • Now you will be required to assign MAC address to the router by clicking on Enable and then hit on Clone Your PC’S MAC and in order to save click on Save Settings
  • All you need to check the internet connection by hitting on the status tab and then look for the IP Address and if you are able to see numbers other than which will ensure that it is done correctly if not take the assistance from the internet service provider  

Reset the password with a DSL Modem

  • In the required field enter the username and the password which is provided by clicking on Internet Connection type and then hit on PPPoE and then hit on Save Settings
  • In order to change the wireless network name among the listed options click on Wireless tab and then click on Basic Wireless Settings, in the configuration hit on manual and now in the field of Wireless Network Name (SSID) please enter a name and then click on Save settings
  • On this page click on the option connect which is at the bottom of the page

How to find a Linksys Default Wi-Fi password?

In order to look for the password take the steps as

  1. Click on Start and then hit on All programs and look for the option Linksys Connect it is for windows however if you are doing on MAC go on Applications and then hit on Go and then start Linksys Connect
  2. Now select the option Router Settings
  3. Under the option of Personalize section, you will be able to see the Router name and password

How to find Linksys router password?

One will be required to look for the sticker on it which will have both SSID which is the network name and the password and if you do find then in the username type admin and in password do type admin

How to Factory Reset Linksys router?

  1. Please make sure that the router is on
  2. Now push and d hold the Reset button and do hold it for 10-15 seconds
  3. Now do disconnect and reconnect the routers power adapter
  4. Once the rebooting is done, one will be able to use the default username and password in order to connect the device.