How to Reset Cisco Router Password?

This article illustrations how to reset the Cisco router password successfully. Because the spirits of irritation can be a slight oppressive, at the situation while you go into login your Cisco router, and there’s access is denied message occurs. However, here are the simple steps mentioned that how to recover lost passwords on your Cisco Router.

Steps to Reset Cisco Router Password:

Here’s are the simple steps mentioned to cisco router password recovery of forgetting the password.

  1. First, connect your computer with terminal emulation to your Cisco router console port. But make sure the correct terminal settings. No flow control, 1 stop bit, 8 data bits, 9600 baud rates, and no parity.
  2. After access the router, then enter in show version at the prompt screen, and then text the configuration register setting.
  3. Now, turn off the router. Then wait about 10-12 seconds and again turn it back on.
  4. Next, on the terminal keyboard hit “break” within two minutes of power-up to the router into ROMmon.
  5. Then enter in “config 0x2142” at the common 1> prompt to boot them from Flash. Then type “reset”.
  6. Next, type “No” afterward each setup question/press “Ctrl+C1” to bypass all questions.
  7. Then type “Enable” at the Router> prompt.
  8. After then type “Configure memory” or “Copy startup-config running-config” to copy NVRAM into memory.
  9. Type “show running-config”. Then type “configure terminal”.
  10. Next, type “Enable secret” and then enter in a password which you’ll remember, to change the enable secret password.
  11. Problem the no shutdown command on every single interface which you use.
  12. Now, type “Config-register”. This classically is 0x2102.
  13. Then press on the keys both together “Ctrl-z” or “End” to leave config mode.
  14. Next, you have to type “Write memory” or “Copy running-config startup-config” to oblige the changes.

Now reload the router, and then use your new username & password to log into your Cisco router.

How do I Reset the Cisco Router Password Without Losing the Configuration?

When you forgot your Cisco router password, then you don’t need to worry about it! Also, you can change them without losing your configuration with these steps. Or follow these simple steps of how to reset the cisco router password in packet tracer.

  • Step 1. First of all, you should have to reload your Cisco router. But, if you don’t know the password, you just perform a hard reboot.
  • Step 2. The wait for 12-15 seconds of startup and then send a break signal to a terminal.
  • Step 3. If you’re using PUTTY, then please right-click on the PUTTY window at the top, and then choose Special Command “Break” key and then enter.
  • Step 4. Now you are in common prompt. Then there type the following command “config 0x2142” to skip the existing configuration on startup.
  • rommon 1 > config 0x2142
  • Step 5. You should reset or power cycle for the new config to take the result.
  • Step 6. Then type the “reset” and press enter key to reboot the router.
  • Step 7. After the router has loaded, press “No” to initial configuration dialogue
  • Step 8. Then type the following at prompt.
  • Router>en
  • Router#copy start run
  • Router# sh run
  • Step 9. Then Change enable secret
  • ITRouter# config t
  • router (config)# enable secret !340aGA#$mba
  • Step 10. Now, change register back, then save and then Reboot the router.
  • router (config)# config-register 0x2102
  • router # wr mem
  • router # reload

Now, your Cisco router will boot with your old configuration. You can access your new password.

I hope this article will help to resolve your reset cisco router password in the packet tracer.