How to Reset Asus Router Password?

If you want to reset the ASUS router password of WIFI. Then follow these simple steps:

  1. First, go to your Asus router Admin panel. Then log in by entering your username & password.
  2. Then go to router dash, then “Administrative Settings” section, and then hit on “Wireless panel”.
  3. You will see the diverse kind of WIFI options.
  4. Next, choose the SSID and WIFI Band that you require to change the password for. But if your router doesn’t support multiple bands & SSID then avoid this step.
  5. Then, choose the password protection forms WEP/WEP2, etc.
  6. Now, enter a new password, and then tick the “Save” option.

How to Easily Hard Reset My ASUS Router?

If you’re seeking a reliable answer that How to reset the ASUS router password quickly. Then don’t worry! Follow the below steps to troubleshoot this problem.

Follow These Simple Steps:

Step 1: - Tap Reset button 

  • First, press & hold on the reset button till 15-20 seconds by using a sharp-pointed pen. The button is typically placed on the back of the router.
  • After then the power indicator would start to flash to reset.
  • Through the Hard-reset Asus router, the power-light will be only ON. After then 2-3 minutes the other lights will be back ON. There should be at least 4 lights.

Step 2: - Join Device to the ASUS Wireless

  • Then, connect your device to the wireless "ASUS" router. Then set up the network.
  • Next, go to the router setup page. Also, you can go to manually via “” using your net.
  • Enter default username and password are "admin" if prompted to log in.
  • Hit the “Go" button to start the setup.

Step 3: - Set New Password

  • Now set a new router administrator password. It’s advisable to key in the Asus router default password is "admin".
  • Hit on the “Next” button to set up.

Step 4: - Go to New Wireless Setting

  • Then go to the “Wireless Setting” page, key in the network name (SSID) & network key (password).

Step 5: -Try to Connect your Device to the New Network Settings

  • Then hit on the wireless icon on your device to connect to the new wireless name (SSID) and key in the network key (password) set previously.
  • Now you can access the internet.
  • However, in some situations, the Hard Reset Asus Router may not successfully reset the router. Then you can do factory default to reset the router to the default status.

How to Factory Reset an ASUS Wireless Router?

Are you opening your router setup page after a long time, or you forgot the router's password! Then you can do a factory reset to your ASUS wireless router. Follow these two defined methods.

First Method: -

  1. First, open your web browser address bar and type “”, and then hit on the “Enter” key.
  2. Then enter the administrator username and password and then hit in the “OK” button.
  3. Next, in the “Advanced Settings” menu on the left side, and then hit on “Administration”.
  4. Now, go to the top of the page, and hit on the “Restore/Save/Upload Setting” tab.
  5. Then hit on the “Restore” button.
  6. After then a confirmation box will look, then hit on “OK” to start the reset.

Second Method: - 

In case, if your Asus router password not working, or due to a troubleshooting method. Then you should perform the following steps.

  1. The router can be reset also by finding the “Reset button” which is usually situated on the back of the router.
  2. Then you need to press and hold that “Reset button” on the router till the “Power light” on the router starts to flash, and then release the button.
  3. Now, the router will reset the settings and then restart. The next time the router is accessed, the primary setup screen will seem.

How Do I Find My Asus Router Username & Password?

You can find by simply searching for your router's model number and “manual” on Google.

  1. ASUS router the default credentials required:
  2. The popular ASUS routers have a default username is “admin”, and the Asus router default password is “admin”. 
  3. Then go to the ASUS router login page by just using the default IP address i.e. “”.
  4. Next, you can enter the default ASUS router username and password. 

Now you're ready to go.