How to Recover Yahoo Account Without Phone Number? 

Forgetting a password is a very common issue faced by many users. So, if you are also forgotten or lost your Yahoo email account password, or can't access your phone. Then don’t worry! You can easily Recover Yahoo Account without Phone Number with your alternative ‘Email address’. Thus, follow the below steps to solve it.

Steps to Recover Yahoo Account Without Phone Number

  1. Go to your computer and launch any Internet browser, and then type ‘’. 
  2. Then, enter the ‘email address’ or ‘username ‘in the text field. Hit on “Next”.
  3. Tick on the ‘I am not a robot’ checkbox. Then click on “Continue”. 
  4. Next, click on the “forgotten password” link.
  5. Now, Yahoo sent a verification code to your recovery ‘email address’.
  6. Then access your ‘email address’, where Yahoo sent a verification. Then go to inbox, and see verification code, and then enter that code in the required box. Hit on the “Verify” option.
  7. In the reset password page, create a new password & confirm the password.
  8. Hit on the “Continue” button.

Done! The process of Recover Yahoo Account Without Phone Number has been completed. Sign in to your Yahoo account with a new password.

How Do I Recover My Yahoo Account If I Lost My Phone Number? 

Several times, there comes a condition when the Yahoo users have forgotten their account password, or even they can’t access their phone number. They are seeking the process that how to recover my Yahoo account if I lost my phone number. Well, this issue can be done easily as with the above steps through the recovery ‘email address’.

Consequently, Yahoo provides simple two ways to recover Yahoo Mail account password; includes recovery using the alternate Email address, or using Phone.

So, in any situation, if you are not able to access your registered ‘phone number’ to recovery password. Then you can use the first one way that is recovery Yahoo account using the alternate ‘Email address’ as the steps described above. So, you can follow the above steps easily.

Helpful Tips to Secure Your Yahoo Account from Hackers

Besides, it’s very important to keep your account information private and avoid illegal access to your account. You should know how to Secure Your Yahoo Account from Hackers to secure your account information. Thus, here’ are mentioned some important steps which will help you to protect your information.

Tips to Secure Your Yahoo Account from Hackers:

Step 1: Analysis of your Yahoo Mail Settings

Analysis your Yahoo Mail settings timely, and ensure none of your info was changed without your knowledge. These such as:

  • Email filters
  • Email signature
  • Reply-to address
  • Sending name
  • Vacation response
  • Blocked addresses
  • Send-only address
  •  Auto-forwarding address
  • Default sending address

Step 2: Review Your Recent Signing Account Activity
Hackers may sign in to your account anytime. So, you should see logins details from unforeseen locations on your recent activity page.

Step 3: Create a New Password to Secure Account
If you thinking that your Yahoo account has been hacked by a hacker, then you should instantly create a new password and secure your account.