How to Reset Tutanota Mail Password?

In today’s technological world, almost all means of communication have done electronically, and most of them being done through or via emails. So while it is very much eminent that we need our emails to be safe, secure, and swift, we also expect that the services attached to it are the best that we can get from the service provider. One such name that you will come across when you search for a secure email service is “Tutanota”. Tutanota, as an email service provider, is doing everything right when it comes to email services, security, and safety. Also, apart from all these good aspects, it also maintains a very healthy and sensible communication with its users. So what will you do, if you ever forgot your Mail Account Password? Well, the Tutanota Mail Account Password Recovery process is very simple as much as it is safe and secure. You can help yourself in recovering, resetting, or even changing your Mail Account Password by following the steps given below which will make the task super easy for you.

How to Recover Tutanota Mail Account Password?

To recover your Tutanota Mail Account Password, you will require your “Recovery Code”. This code is usually displayed to you when you create or set up your Tutanota Mail Account for the first time and may look like “e97d 6cdd 69c6 2ff3 acee 3f2c 632b 9890 30c6 74d1 463a cae5 d272 6f59 72ef 54fa”. It is strongly recommended that you write down this code or store it somewhere safe as you shall not be able to recover your account without this code. So in case you are unable to login to Tutanota Mail Account then first make sure that the things on the check-list below are corrected. 

  • Make sure that you have entered your email address with the correct ending for example: “.de” or “.com”.
  • See to it that the “Caps Lock” key on your computer is disabled.
  • Synchronize the time on your TOTP device correctly in case the second-factor authentication with TOTP fails.

Hey, unable to log-in after following Tutanota Mail password recovery steps? On the Tutanota Sign Up page, enter your Tutanota email address correctly and then enter your Recovery Code in the box that is provided just below the field where you have entered your email address and, click on “More Options”.Now, select the service required from the option below under the heading that says “Action”. To access this option click on the icon on your right-hand side that looks like a pencil inside a dark circle. Once you click on this option, you will see two services which are namely “Set a New Password” and “Reset the Second Factor”. For Tutanota Mail Password Reset or Tutanota Mail Password Recovery, click on the option that says “Set a New Password” and you will be able to view the option to set up a new password immediately. This way, you can change the Tutanota Mail password for your Tutanota Mail Account. This option can also be used to Change Tutanota Mail Account Password.

If you need to reset your Second Factor authentication information, then click the second option that says “Reset Second Factor”. After your selection, you will be required to enter your email address, your recovery code and the password to your Tutanota Email Account and post successful validation of these login credentials, you will be allowed to reset your Second Factor authentication information.

How to make sure never to lose access to your Tutanota mailbox?

With the enhanced security system of 2FA (Second Factor Authentication) enabled, you will always need 2 out of the three login credentials to reset or recover your Tutanota Mail Account. So, if you lose your “password” and your “second factor” then there is no option to reset your Tutanota Mail Account even if you have the recovery code. You can make sure that your password is backed up by ticking the “Store Password” option box which also a feature is provided by Tutanota. Apart from that, you can also save your login credentials on your web browser to avoid such fishy situations. These are a few things you are supposed to know for avoiding the worries of the Tutanota Mail password reset.