How to Recover Hacked Yahoo Account?

If your Yahoo account has hacked and searching How to recover hacked yahoo account simply. Your search will end here because here you will get the easiest way to recover hacked Yahoo account. Just follow the below instructions:

Signs to Know If Your Yahoo Account Is Hacked:

If you are thinking, someone is trying to entering your account or capture your account so here are some important symptoms where you can secure your account information and what should be done, just Signs to know if Your Yahoo Account is hacked or not:

Basic symptoms of a hacked account:

  • You are not getting any emails.
  • Yahoo mail is sending all emails into the spam section.
  • Your account information and setting have modified without your permission.
  • Email language has automatically changed.

Steps to Recover Hacked Yahoo Email Account:

  1. Go to your computer and open any web browser.
  2. Enter the '' in the address bar and tap on the enter button.
  3. Then, click on the 'Sign-in' button. (Situated in the upper right corner)
  4. Choose 'Difficulty in sign-in?' link for hacked account recovery.
  5. Now, enter your Yahoo email and tap on the 'Next' button.
  6. Then, fill the captcha and again press the 'Next'.
  7. Select ‘send me a text message for the account key’ button.
  8. Check your mobile SMS and enter the verification code in the box & again tap on ‘Next’.
  9. Finally, create a new password & confirm the same another box.

How to Recover Hacked Yahoo Account of Windows And Mac OS Device Using Yahoo Email Address?

  1. Just open mac and windows computer.
  2. Type in any web browser such as Google, Safari, Mozilla, or other.
  3. Hit on the sign-in button and choose ‘difficulty in sign-in’ option.
  4. Now, enter the Email address and tap on the ‘Continue’ button.
  5. Choose I am not robotics and press again the ‘Continue’ button.
  6. After then, enter the missing two digits of your mobile number & click on the ‘Send’ button.
  7. Check your mobile phone and enter the security code in the box and again press ‘Continue’.
  8. Now, make your new password and write again into another box.

Therefore, Recover Hacked Yahoo account on Windows has completed so back to the sign-in page and enter the Yahoo id and new password.

Recover Hacked Yahoo Account on Windows and Mac OS Device Using Secondary Email Address:

If you don’t have a recovery mobile number but you want to Recover Hacked Yahoo account on Windows and Mac via secondary email id so just see the below-given steps.
  1. Visit in any search engine.
  2. Tap on the sign-in button and click on ‘difficulty in sign-in’.
  3. Now, enter your hacked Yahoo mail for login & press the ‘Continue’.
  4. Ignore missing mobile number so just click on try another method.
  5. Enter your recovery or secondary email id in the box and again hit on ‘Continue’.
  6. Fill the captcha and check your secondary email id.
  7. Find code on recovery email id and add that code in the box and again click on ‘Continue’.
  8. Now, write a new password and the same password as another empty box.

Recover Hacked Yahoo Account Using Mobile App:

Nowadays, everyone is operating any services via a mobile phone application and so, if you want to Recover Hacked Yahoo Account Using Mobile App. So, just visit below-given steps.
  1. Go to your mobile phone and open the Yahoo app.
  2. Click on 'I can't operate my account'.
  3. Select the 'Recover your account' option.
  4. Write the Yahoo login id in the empty box & tap on next.
  5. Then, enter the missing digits of the mobile number.
  6. Check your mobile and enter the security code in the box & again press the next.
  7. Now, make a new password and sign-in your account via email address and new password.