How You Can Recover Google Account by Your Date of Birth?

Google account is used by millions of users across the world, for their professional and personal work purpose. However, in any situation you are unable to access your account, then it can turn towards a big loss. Don't bother! Recover Google account by the date of birth, is very easy to get back your account. Read this article will give you the complete knowledge to recovery by date of birth.

Step to Recover Google Account Via Using Date of Birth?

  1. First, go to the official Gmail Account Recovery page from your browser or mobile device.
  2. Write your Gmail user's name/email address in the textbox. Press on the “Next”.
  3. Enter the last password that you can remember of your account, or else you can choose the “I don’t remember my password” link.
  4. Next, you will be forwarded to the recovery page, then you will need to give the answers to some security questions.
  5. Then enter the correct date of birth and hit on the “Next”.
  6. Next, type a new password and enter the confirm password in particular fields.
  7. Hit on the “Save” button.

Done! You can access your account.

How will you do Gmail Account Recovery with the Security Question easily? 

Gmail Account Recovery with Security Question provided by Google will help to instantly recover a lost Gmail account. You will easily perform recovery steps to do recover your Gmail Account with a security question set up by you, at the time your account creation.

Follow these steps to recovery account with security question:

  1. Go to the Gmail Account Recovery page.
  2. Then write your Gmail email address, and click the ‘Next’ button.
  3. It’s time to choose the “forget password” option and then continue the process.
  4. Now Google will ask you to enter the last remember password. S o, if you don't remember then tick on the option “try another way”.
  5. Next, Google you will be promoted a page, where they will ask you about the answers to some security questions.
  6. Enter the correct answers to that security questions, as that answers you When you will promote to a reset password page, create a new password, which should be strong. Then enter again the confirm password. 
  7. Hit the “Save changes” button to complete the recovery process.

How do I recover my Google account without recovery a phone number option?

If you have forgotten your Google account password, and also you are unable to access your phone to get a recovery code. Then don't trouble! Google provides simple ways to Gmail Account Recovery includes as with recovering with security questions, with a phone number, or with Email addresses. Then you can simply recover your Google account with recovery Email Address if you are unable to access your phone number. Thus, to know the complete process that how to Recover Google Account Without Recovery Phone Number, just follow the beneath steps:

Steps to Recover Google Account with Email address:

  1. First, visit the official Google recovery page.
  2. Next, enter your email address for which you wish to recover your password. Click on “Next”. 
  3. Hit on the “Forget password” option for account recovery, and then continue the process.
  4. On the next page, Google will ask about the phone number. Then click on ‘I do not have my phone number’ link.
  5. Then, enter your recovery email address in the text box and then press again the “Next” option.
  6. Now it’s time to verify your email address and check that verification code sent by Google. 
  7. Enter that recovery code into a blank text box and again tap on “Next”.
  8. On the password reset page, type a new password and confirm it. 
  9. Tick on the “Save” to finish it.

I hope with the above Gmail Account Recovery options you can easily recover your Google account when you forget a password or lost to access your account. easily