Want To Recover Your Recently Deleted Gmail Account Or Delete It Without Password?

A Gmail account is all you need to access your emails or your Android services. However, there are times when users do delete their Gmail accounts intentionally or accidentally, then they seek for its recovery to continue accessing their account’s services or to look for an important email. But due to improper understanding of the recovery process, they sometimes face difficulty. On the contrary, some users wish to delete their accounts before switching onto a new Android device or another Gmail account. However, forgetting the password may stop them from doing so Hence, another dead end for the Gmail users. 

In this post, you’ll be guided with some quick solutions that will help you to Recover a Recently Deleted Gmail Account, and also delete an account without its password. Therefore, read further. 

Methods To Recover Or Restore A Recently Deleted Gmail Account

In order to restore your recently deleted Gmail account, navigate through the following steps on Gmail's official account recovery page. 

  1. Fire up your preferred web browser, open the Gmail account helper page, and then enter your account’s username or email address.
  2. Select Next, find your account, and then check your phone for an account verification notification.
  3. Otherwise, select “I don’t have a phone” link and then you’ll need to mention the last known password of your Gmail account.
  4. Alternatively, you can opt for the “Try Another Way” option again and then select the phone number or email address to receive the account verification code.
  5. Next, enter the code in the given space and confirm your Gmail account verification.
  6. Finally, create a strong password for your account and you have finally been able to Restore Deleted Gmail Account.

How To Recover Lost Gmail Username?

In case, if you have also forgotten the username of your Gmail account then its recovery may get a bit difficult. Therefore, you’ll need to recover it to continue access to your Gmail account. Here’s how. 

  • In your web browser, navigate to the Gmail username recovery page.
  • Now, mention the recovery email address that is linked to your account in the 'Email' text field.
  • Now hit the submit option and then you’ll need to finish the Photo CAPTCHA or Photo CAPTCHA verification.
  • Now, again hit the Submit option to recover your account’s username.

How To Permanently Delete Your Gmail Account Without Knowing Its Password?

In the event, if you are not able to recall your Gmail account’s password and still wish to delete it then the process could a bit difficult. However, to do this, first, you’ll need to recover your account’s password and for that, you can go through the steps mentioned in the above section on how to restore the deleted Gmail account. Hereafter, once you have recovered your account’s password then you can now follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Get access to your Gmail account via using the recover password and click the Gear icon.
  • Now, select Account, and then hit the Account preferences section.
  • Here, select Delete your account or services then select Delete products.
  • Now, mention your account’s password and now the account should be deleted. 

For more information on how to delete the Gmail account permanently without a password and other queries, contact technical support at Gmail.