How to Change AOL Email Password

Changing your account password is a good habit that secures your account from unauthorized access. It protects your personal information stored in your email account. You can change your AOL email password on your own at any time. If you don’t know the process to change the AOL password then get the full details as explained below.

How to change your AOL Mail Password in a Web Browser?

  1. Open any web browser and go to the AOL website.
  2. Enter your AOL email id in the user name and click on Next.
  3. Enter your account password and click on Sign in.
  4. After getting logged in to your account, click on the “Settings” option from the left panel.
  5. Click on the “Account Setting” option.
  6. You get a link to change your AOL account password, click on the link.
  7. Answer the security question over the screen and click on Continue.
  8. Now click on the “Manage User name” tab and choose “Change AOL Email Password”.
  9. Set a new password and save the changes.

How to change AOL Password on iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user and you use AOL mail for sending and receiving mails to your known ones, then you should often change your account password to keep it secured from hackers or from unauthorized access. In case you don’t know the process to change AOL password on iPhone using the AOL app then you must follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Look for the Gear like icon and tap on it to open the “Settings”.
  2. Tap on the “Privacy” option in the Support section.
  3. Choose the “Your Account” tab.
  4. Look for your account and tap on it.
  5. Enter your login credentials for the AOL account.
  6. Go to the “Your Account” section and tap on “Edit Account Info”.
  7. Tap on the three vertical lines and choose “Account Security”.
  8. Tap on the “Change password” option.
  9. Set a new password for your AOL account.
  10. In the 'Confirm Password' sector, enter the same password again.
  11. Save the changes.
  12. Now you can log in using the new password to your AOL account.