How to Fix Google Hangouts Not working on Chrome or Mac?

Google Hangouts is one of the best platforms for instant communication services through message. It provides the facility to send and receive an immediate message, video call, and many more things. Google hangouts are very familiar with Windows, IOS, and Android devices. But, many times, users face lots of issues so if you are one of them and your Google Hangouts Not Working properly so don’t need to worry, just follow the below presented steps and get immediate solutions.

Common issues when Google Hangouts Not working:

  • If you are facing the below presented similar types of problems on your Mac or Windows computer.
  • Having an issue with Sign-in.
  • The web browser is loading for the duration of Google hangouts opening.
  • Getting an error message on the type Google hangouts link.
  • Unable to generate phone calls and video calls.
  • Audio or video has paused suddenly.

Moreover, if you are getting above-presented similar types of an issue so just follow the below-given steps and get immediate solutions to any complicated and critical problem of Google hangouts on Google chrome, Mac computer, and windows computer or device.

How to solve Google Hangouts not working issue on Chrome?

There are plenty of reasons when Google hangouts generate issues on Google chrome so just follow the below-presented solutions. 

  • Clear all the caches, cookies as well as history of the Google Chrome web browser and check the extension.
  • Before using Google hangouts, just sign-in Google account.
  • Check the Google chrome version and update it because Google hangouts not working on chrome due to the old version of google chrome.
  • Reinstall the Google Chrome web browser after uninstall.
  • If again Google hangouts not working issue is coming so just use Google hangout in incognito mode.
  • Check the URL and always pick the right URL of Google hangout.
  • Type Control + J and erase all the downloaded file links from Google chrome.

Therefore, follow every above-mentioned step and restart your computer after completing each process then, open Google hangout.

Steps to solve Google Hangouts Not Working problem on MAC:

  • If your Mac computer doesn’t perform Google hangouts or you are facing any difficulty to run Google hangout on a Mac computer. So, just follow the below given solving steps.
  • Check the internet connectivity and speed because due to the bad speed Google hangouts doesn’t perform in good condition.
  • If you are using Safari web browser, so just clear the cache and cookies.
  • If you are facing an audio or video problem on Google hangouts so just check the microphone conditions as well as the camera of the Mac computer.

Besides, you can easily solve Google Hangouts Not Working on Mac issue via the above solutions but make sure, restart your Mac computer after applying overhead solutions.