How to Resolve Outlook login issues?

If you are facing that your Outlook doesn’t open or if open then there is the problem so in this situation you no need to get worried about this you just follow some steps which are given below and get the Outlook login issues resolved.

Step by step is given below to fix when won’t start

Step 1. Update Outlook and Windows

Most of the time old version of Outlook creating a problem so in that case you need to update the application of Outlook and installing Windows OS updates which help in resolving the problem with the Outlook.

Step 2. Launch Outlook in ‘Safe mode’

When user launch outlook in safe mode then it starts with just basic setup without any add-ins, in this way it will help you to check the faults and damaged add-in.

Step 3. Repair MS Office

The problem can begin with the installation of MS Office in Outlook it happens sometimes. For repairing the program people can use the in-built Microsoft Office repair tool.

Step 4. Restore or Delete navigation pane configuration file

The error like ‘Microsoft Outlook will not start’ is the common reason which is the corruption navigation pane configuration file. If your file size is 0 KB then it means that it is corrupt.

Step 5. Create a new Outlook profile

The reason behind this error ‘Microsoft Outlook will not start’ is the corrupt Outlook profile. Users can create a new Outlook profile easily to resolve this error.

Step 6. Repair Outlook data file

If the above method does not work then it means that your Outlook data file is damaged. Users can use Microsoft’s in-built recovery tool to repair the Outlook data file.

Does your Outlook profile get stuck?

If yes, your outlook profile gets stuck then you also want to fix this issue. You no need to go anywhere you just follow the given points and get to resolve your Outlook stuck profile.

Systematic points are given below you just follow if your Outlook profile get stuck

  1. First of all, you should run Outlook with administrator privileges because while Outlook works in normal mode then most of the time it helps to use it in administrative mode to resolve several problems.
  2. Then launch Outlook in safe mode. It is like the window operating system. Outlook always comes with safe mode to help resolve the problem on your computer. To run outlook the safe mode is loads the essential files.
  3. After that, you should kill all office processes by using the task manager. Microsoft always suggests that to resolve the Outlook stuck profile you need to close all office processes with the task manager. One thing you should make sure that before you close, your work must be saved.
  4. To fix the problem you can try running outlook in airplane mode.
  5. Microsoft recommends you turn off the outlook presence option this method can fix the problem of profile stuck.